Drama Queen Otabek Scenario?



yuri gets all the flack for being the dramatic one in the relationship but what no one realizes is how fucking petty & dramatic otabek is. now lets look at the history: otabek quietly pines for admires yuri from afar for like 5 yrs, but doesnt say anything bc his entrance into yuri’s life has to be perfect. this is almost ruined by jj, who by trying to get otabek to socialize (what an ass wow) leads him to a run in with yuri he is sooooo not prepared for. so what does otabek do? he says nothing and immediately goes to rent a cool ass motorcycle because even if it kills him he is going to become friends with yuri and it. will. be. perfect. he ‘rescues’ yuri, takes him to a beautiful spot in barcelona (thank god for google) and confesses his undying friendship in the most extra way (i guarantee he practiced that ‘eyes of a solider’ bit 20 times in his hotel room). long story short, this became less abt drama queen otabek & more abt proving he is actually a 12 yr old girl.  

*five years into their friendship when they REALLY know each other*

person:  Why can’t you be chill and stop overreacting, like your friend, Otabek?