Such blessed AU.

Bonus bc I hate myself:



Well well well if it isn’t a new utena fanart… with more impalement… xD I’m sorry I like drawing that kind of stuff, I like blood….
This took… quite a while xD But I’m really happy with it.
The composition was inspired by the song “you and I” from krypteria (the lyrics “tell me whatever happened to our bed of roses and why it turned into a bed of thorns”) which I also used for a project for my illustration class.
Hell I had fun drawing this xD


Hope | Love | Devotion | Loyalty

“May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory.”

I finally finished the set! I’m very happy with how these all turned out! Princess Tutu is definitely one of my favorite series. I’ve seen it many times and I really love the messages that it puts out- it treats all of the main characters so well and they’re all important and well-developed. Just…..so many feelings <3</p>

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Ahiru | Mytho | Rue | Fakir